Professional Services

Professional Services

We are experts with most Unix and Linux based operating systems. Utilizing them, it allows us to be “technology enablers“. From troubleshooting your existing environment to building a new infrastructure for your company we’re always happy to help. We’ve implemented hundred’s of open source software applications and services for our clients. Let us show you how to capitalize on technology to automate your business workflows and make your company more efficient. While we can’t be an expert in everything, what we don’t know we’re committed to learning on our time in order to help implement it for you. Chances are if you need help with it someone else does too. It’s worth it to us to remain up to speed with the technology that is important to our clients. Apache web server, Mysql database, Beowulf cluster, Content Management Systems, Kickstart, Backups, Monitoring, and Hardware maintenance is just a small list of some of the things we’re an expert at.

Professional Services Rates List:

Below you'll find our hourly rate packages that we have to support you. All our quotes and products are based from these values.

Service Price Order
Residential Rate $60.00 USD Order Today
Non-Profit/Academic $100.00 USD Order Today
Commercial $175.00 USD Order Today

Additional Services List:

Below you'll find various rate packages that we have to support you. If you aren't sure "Request a Quote" above.

Service Price Order
10 Hour Support Contract (Academic/Non-Profit) $1000.00 USD Order Today
10 Hour Cluster Support Contract $1000.00 USD Order Today
Webmaster Tools/Google Analytics Setup $100.00 USD Order Today