DropBox for Business

DropBox for Business

Dropbox lets you access and share all of your documents, photos, projects, and more, everywhere you go. Adding and updating files is as easy as saving them to your Dropbox folder, which immediately syncs to the Dropbox website and any computer or phone on which you have Dropbox installed.

The Dropbox application is compatible with nearly every computer and smartphone operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Dropbox is by far the largest company in this space – over the past 12 months they’ve gone from 50 – 100 mil users, and has been adopted into 2.5 mil businesses.

Dropbox’s goal is to remove the friction that comes from technology. There are no good tools for helping people build stuff together. That’s where Dropbox comes in. Every organization has their own set of tools; it’s some bad combination of blending Office, Autocad, Google Docs, Servers, and emailing attachments back and forth.

Dropbox is the fabric that ties all of these services and devices together.

How Does Dropbox work? Dropbox is an application that is installed a device, making all of your documents and important files available to you at any time, from anywhere.

As your service provider, we know getting access to your stuff is key and Dropbox allows you to do that safely and securely. When you put your stuff in the Dropbox folder, it automatically syncs across all devices for you. So no matter where you are, even on a plane, you can get access to what you need. Dropbox syncs quickly because they only upload changes to documents.

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DropBox for Business

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