Happy New Year!

Today we finalized the much anticipated move of our site and implementation of our latest custom theme. 

This was a big move for us in that the new theme was custom built with many features to integrate our main site with the back end client area. With this new change we have moved the server off on it's own so that we can be able to offer improved features to our clients. The newest feature will be the ability for clients to be able to unblock their IP address from the client area. This feature still needs testing and will be avaialble to clients very soon. 

The mobile/small device experience should also be a lot better now with this responsive theme. We're striving to make our site totally mobile compatible from the front page of our site down to the individaul cPanel accounts. As a virtual company, we know how important it is to work from anywhere on any device =). 

We still have lots to finish up with the new theme but felt it is polished enough to enable it for clients access so to take advantage of some of the new features. Please open a ticket if you experience any problems with the site. We have tested and identitified potential issues to remediate and will be working through them in order to finalize the new environment. 

Now that we're not using Wordpress ... it's anticipated that this is going to be the Sly Media "look" and "feel" for the forseeable future. 

Please note that the "news" section of the site redirects to a wordpress site where we plan to put all our news and blog posts. For now, old articles and a primitive interface have been implemented to look like the new theme. However, the menu system to redirect back to the main site isn't functional yet. We'll be updating this site as soon as the main site and client area are fully vetted for issues. 

We hope all our clients enjoy the new polished interface and welcome any feedback on it. It's our goal to make managing your products and services as intuitive as possible!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

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